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In our society today we fixate so much on the baby and the birth that we simply forget about the mother and the journey thereafter. After the rigorous and demanding act of birth, the six weeks following are considered to be the most critical time in a woman's life. It is a time of massive adjustment, as your body continues to transform, your feelings tend to be all over the place, and your sense of self begins to change and morph.

make true healing your first priority during the fourth trimester


Postpartum doulas are a great blessing for many of us when the women in our lives are busy tending to their own lives. As a Postpartum Doula, Brooke will come into your experience as an extra set of compassionate hands to hold you, your babe, your household. Assisting you in this transition as you live a life with another being in your family. Nurturing your family as you learn to thrive together. Restoring your sense of normality as you investigate what that feels like for you. She will mold the home into independence so that when she leaves you, you’re fulfilled in your role as a parent. 

a mother-centered approach to balancing health and well-being


For those that follow a natural, holistic lifestyle, Brooke can approach your care through the lens of 3 Ayurvedic doshas in an effort to better understand your physiological and emotional needs. In Ayurveda (the science of longevity), we can use simple ways to tone and strengthen the Vata dosha and digestive system during the postpartum time. When your doshas are balanced your body can function optimally, your mind is calm and clear, and your heart can sing and exude love.


Let's meet for 30 minutes to go over any initial questions you may have, discuss what you are looking for in your labor support, go into greater detail about our practice and approach, and explore how we can best meet your needs.




Basic Postpartum Education

Develop a Postpartum Map (plan)

Plan Dietary Meals/Meal Train

Rehearse Comfort Measures for Healing (Reiki, Abhyanga, Pranayama)

Virtual Pregnancy Support Group

Mother Blessing Ceremony

Walking Buddy

Unlimited phone/chat support from the time of hire



Deliver Dietary Food Within​ First 2 Hours

Assist with Initiation of Breastfeeding


Fresh, Dietary Prepared Meals (Ayurvedic Optional to Ensure Milk Supply is Abundant)

Assist Entire Household with Adjustment to New Roles

Support the Physical and Emotional Healing of the Mother

Encourage Informed-Decision Making

Recovery with Post Yoga Practices

Peristeam Hydrotherapy (Vaginal "Yoni" Steaming) to Improve Circulation and Healing

Art of Daily Massage (Abhyanga) and Comfort Touch for Mother and Baby

Bengkung Belly Binding

Light Household Organization (Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Tidying Up, Dishwashing, and Pet Care)

Accompany Mother to Medical Wellness Check-Ups

Support and Assist with Infant Feeding

Newborn Care When Mother and Partner Are Resting

Virtual Postpartum Support Group


Access to 1000's of Evidence-Based Birth and Lactation Documents

Essential Birth & Postpartum Toolkit -(Birth Ball, Belly Bandit or Bengkung Bellybind, Rebozo, Massage Oil, Padsicles, Peri-Spray, & Sitz Bath Soak)

Access to Our Extensive Lending Library

Receive a Digital Copy of The Soul Inspired Postpartum Guide


We provide unlimited email support throughout your pregnancy and until 6 weeks postpartum. Besides counseling and support, we are able to help connect you with your dream team of holistic maternity care providers such as midwives, OB’s, chiropractors, acupuncturists, pelvic floor therapists, bodyworkers, and all other types of practitioners. Ask for referrals!

suggested care plans


While our care plans are flexible to meet your needs, here are examples of plans that are designed to support the individual needs of mothers-to-be by varying the physical, informational, and emotional techniques in each:

Sacred Mama



For those who are ready for the complete postpartum support experience for 42 days in a row, 3-5 hours a day of in-home care in addition to a variety of services so you can feel pampered and cared for every step of the way.  If you want to provide your family and your baby with the best doula care possible from start to finish then this plan was created specifically for you!​ To find out more about what this plan includes, please contact me!

Fill Your Cup



For those who want an experienced and knowledgeable postpartum doula to support them during the first 3 weeks postpartum. This plan includes 5 days a week, 4-5 hours a day, 3 weeks in a row of in-home care in addition to a few enhancements to create an energy-boosting experience. To find out more about what this plan includes, please contact me!




For those who want an experienced and knowledgeable postpartum doula to support them during weeks 4-6 postpartum. This plan includes 4 days a week, 4-5 hours a day, 3 weeks in a row of in-home care for mother and newborn. To find out more about what this plan includes, please contact me!




For those who want an experienced and knowledgeable doula to support them for 7 days in a row, 4 to 5 hours per day of in-home care. You'll benefit most from this package if your partner or family are not able to take a leave of absence to support you. To find out more about what this plan includes, please contact me!

Virtual Doula



The Virtual Postpartum Doula plan is for the mom who is in need of doula services without the physical presence of the doula during labor. Maybe you’re only interested in the educational info. Maybe you want a refresher course for your support team. Maybe you live outside of my area but my style resonates with you.  To find out more about what this plan includes, please contact me!

Welcome Home Baby



Are you late in your pregnancy (36+ weeks) and your care plan has changed (induction, planned cesarean) and you want extra support on the day you come home; maybe you’re in labor now and could use a doula’s TLC. This is a 1-day plan with 4 hours minimum. To find out more about what this plan includes, please contact me!

In addition to the care plans listed above, customizable care plans are available on an hourly basis.


We take payments in cash, check, Square, or PayPal, and offer payment plans with the final payment being due by the time you are 36 weeks. An insurance receipt is given to all clients once they have paid in full.

Contact us to schedule a time to meet for a



Many pregnant people want to dig deeper into specific topics or have a list of questions they want to discuss. Consultations provide you with the opprtunity to have a one-hour meeting with Brooke to focus in on whatever is most important to you and your partner.

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