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Childbirth requires a woman to stretch herself far outside of her comfort zone and often times is unaware of just much she'll be transformed. It may seem odd to look at birth like that but it's that simple. Giving birth is the last primal thing we still do so it is important that you (and your partner) are prepared for the unpredictability and the challenges of the path ahead. By spending time together we can reconnect you to that primal and 'intuitive' knowing that which your ancestors once drew upon while birthing their babies

knowing how to meet parenthood well makes the first-year run smoothly


Experience birth in awareness by registering for my next childbirth education series. These classes are highly interactive, engaging, and focused on navigating labor, birth, and new parenthood as a conscious couple. The Soul Inspired approach is focused on establishing a "mindset of resilience" rather than a set of "tools". After all, childbirth is a transformational experience, one that is like no other. 


My childbirth classes are based on the “Birthing From Within” curriculum and are intended to prepare expectant parents to give "birth in awareness", not to achieve a specific outcome. But don't worry, I believe I support a mothers' decision on how she chooses to birth. Whether the desire is for a medication-free birth, a medically supported birth, vaginal birth after a cesarean, a homebirth, or anything in between, attendees leave this workshop transformed and prepared! 


Regardless of where or how you plan to birth, this series will take you beyond the external noise, advice, stories, and dogma around birth and postpartum to help you learn and practice: 


about the birth process and explore what is important to you.


your inner resources and develop a pain-coping mindset.


with your support team, your partner, and yourself in birth and postpartum.


the unknown with courage and self-love by preparing for birth as a rite of passage.

Soul Inspired Wellness believes that every parent deserves compassionate guidance and mentoring as they prepare to be (re)initiated by childbirth, even if this isn't your first time experiencing birth. Your courage, efforts, and reflections will help you navigate the unknown and come through the initiation with resolve and self-compassion, no matter how your birth unfolds.

Holistic preparation for birth and parenting requires cultivating a balance among three ways of knowing: intuitive, modern, and personal. It is important to explore how you know what you know and how to know when to follow your intuition or the advice of others.

- Pam England,

Ancient Map for a Modern Birth




Keep in mind that one of the things that sets this childbirth education series apart from Lamaze, the Bradley Method, Hypnobirth, or even Hypnobabies is that I meet parents where they are, and go from there, rather than coming into space with a prepared syllabus in hand, already knowing exactly what I am going to "teach". By taking this series, you can expect the following:

  • To as a couple, become aware to the ENORMOUS transformation that is labor and the birth of your baby

  • To learn how your birth experience can shape your relationships with yourself, your partner, and of course, your baby

  • To leave with hands-on pain-coping tools to manage the discomfort of labor

  • To have actionable at-home activities that will build your confidence and reduce the anxiety associated with the birth process

  • To discover the communication tools and language for conveying your thoughts and asking questions to your medical team, enabling you to gather decision making information, even in moments of pain, overwhelm, and confusion

  • To come to a deeper level of understanding regarding your new role as a parent, and how your birth can influence that role

  • To learn about your expectations of one another and how to support each other through the early postpartum days and months

  • To prepare for “the unexpected” by learning about mindful inductions, mindful epidurals, and having a cesarean in awareness

  • To learn about the stages of labor through storytelling and discussion

  • To fully integrate Optimal Maternal Positioning (commonly known as Spinning Babies) to encourage labor's natural start, to keep labor progressing normally, and to potentially save hours of time during labor

  • To enjoy spending time focusing on you, your partner, your pregnancy, your birth, your baby, and the days, weeks, and months that will follow

Let’s work together to shorten your labor, unlock the door to a more mindful birth, and not only accept, but welcome the uncertainties of labor!



The expectant parents before you have walked out of these shared exploratory classes with a heightened perspective, renewed vision, and creative ideas for enriching their birth experience, postpartum recovery, and enriching their family life.  

something for everyone 


Investing time in preparing for your birth experience is one of the best ways to connect with your self, partner, and baby. I strongly recommend participating in some form of classes to prepare for various aspects of labor, birth, and parenting a newborn. In order to maintain the immersive and intimate environment of this series, availability is limited to four couples per in-person workshop and up to 10 couples virtually.

Spending this time with birth clients makes our work together so much deeper! By taking mindful birth classes with Soul Inspired Wellness (or taking classes period) is not required, but there are some circumstances in which it is strongly recommended:


Gain a deeper understanding of your belief system, your values, and your journey toward birth. Doing these classes with our labor doula clients brings a whole new level of depth to our experience together!


For parents planning a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) it is highly recommended that you add at least 1 class with a Soul Inspired Mentor to gain deeper insight into helping you cope with this next labor experience. 


Already been initiated into parenthood? Your desire is to review what worked and what didn't in your previous birth, and co-create a birth map that incorporates a deeper dive into what you truly hope to gain from the experience.

If what is shared here feels aligned to what you are looking for in a childbirth preparation class, please continue to scroll down to see what our available options and fees are. Included in the price below, is a copy of the book, Ancient Map for Modern Birth by Pam England, a folder with class materials, and my full attention.

Group Classes



These five 2-hour classes are weekly and allow there to be ample time to practice the pain coping techniques, breathing exercises, emotional processing, strategy identification, guided journaling, meditation, and more. 

Private Classes



For those who want the freedom to schedule classes in a way that fits your calendar, and the comfort of your home and not driving to class. 

Care Plan Add-On


discounted price

For those who want the option of adding these classes to one of my birth and postpartum care plans. Spending this time with clients makes our work together so much deeper! 

Free Consultation with Soul Inspired Wel

These conscious childbirth education classes sell out 100% of the time so please register early!

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