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"When we give birth, we do so from our core - not just the core of our bodies, but the core of ourselves. We are open and vulnerable during and after childbirth, and the energy that is around us is the energy that we absorb. It becomes a part of the inner voice that guides us into motherhood."


Diana Spalding

conscious birth & postpartum series

Like every modern woman, you already have searched the web, spoken to your provider, and even heard enough advice from friends and family on what to expect when you are expecting and how to navigate routine obstetric care. Am I right?

Is gathering information on what the "right" approach to pregnancy and childbirth and wishful thinking a good enough plan? Just because everyone else does it, is it good enough plan for you? What really matters most to you?

When a woman gives birth, she not only gives birth to a child but discovers that it has forever altered her understanding of who she is.

The women and partners before you have walked out of these shared exploratory sessions with a heightened perspective, renewed vision, and creative ideas for enriching their birth experience, postpartum recovery and enriching their family life. 

How prepared do you feel you are for the birth of your child?  Do you dream of having a birth that offered a sense of meaning, connection, integration?


Do you consider birth as a life-altering experience that forces you to face uncertainty head-on?


Enjoy a few hours a week connecting with your baby and partner as you prepare for the journey through birth. Regardless of where or how you plan to birth, this series will take you beyond the external noise, advice, stories, and dogma around birth and postpartum to help you learn and practice: 

Access your inner wisdom

Build a pain-coping mindset

Connect with your baby, body, partner and community

Cultivate self-love and celebrate your journey

Develop psychological flexibility

Engage in ritual and ceremony

Explore birth and postpartum in different mediums

Find your voice and feel confident in your decision-making

Foster resilience

Gain clarity

Grow your inner Parent Archtype

Heal your mind and body after birth

In addition to the above, we will review traditional childbirth education topics, such as the stages of labor, how effacement, station, and dilation work together, positions are best for coping during labor and birth, and more. 

meet you where you are at

I fully understand that life can be busy and sometimes your schedule just doesn't match up with the weekly class series being offered. So we have put together a class touching on all the important parts of preparing for birth and immediate postpartum. 


Included in the price is your own copy of the book,  Ancient Map for Modern Birth by Pam England, a folder with class materials, my full attention, the freedom to schedule classes in a way that fits your calendar, and the comfort of your home and not driving to class.  A 2-hour class at a special price just for you. 


These four 2-hour classes are weekly, and allowing there to be ample time to practice the pain coping techniques, breathing exercises, emotional processing, strategy identification, guided journaling, meditation, and more.



These five 2-hour private classes do not have to be weekly, it is only a suggestion so that you can have time to take in the information, suggested reading, and practice the pain coping techniques.



This 3-hour private class is a refresher for those who have already been initiated into parenthood. Their desire is to review what worked and what didn't in their previous birth, and co-create a birth map that incorporates a deeper dive into what they truly hope to gain from the experience.



“You are constructing your own reality with the choices you make…or don’t make. If you really want a healthy pregnancy and joyful birth, and you truly understand that you are the one in control, then you must examine what you have or haven’t done so far to create the outcome you want.”


We're curating all of the local resources to help you in your first year as a new parent.  Take a peek, and build your community, too! 

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ATTENDING FOLLOWING HOSPITALS: Palm Beach County - Bethesda Hospital East, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Good Samaritan Medical Hospital, JFK Medical Center, Jupiter Medical Center, Palms West Hospital, St. Mary's Medical Center, Wellington Regional Medical, West Boca Medical Center. Broward County - Broward Health Coral Springs, Slah Foundation Children's Hospital at Broward Health Medical Center, Holy Cross Hospital, Memorial Hospital Miramar, Memorial Hospital West, Memorial Regional Hospital, Northwest Medical Center, Plantation General Hospital.

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