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Birth is the most transformational journey of an expectant parent's life. It catapults us into uncharted territory forcing us to let go of our familiar structures and trust our instincts, but that's a lot easier said than done. ​There are many reasons someone might integrate a birth doula into their birth team. As a professionally trained doula with DONA International, Brooke is qualified to help you feel supported, cared for, and prepared as you approach the birth of your little one. She will look after your emotional journey, something no one else on your care team is focusing on.

getting you mentally and physically prepared for childbirth & beyond

Midwives and doctors will be present throughout labor to ensure the safe passage of you and your baby. However, because they often have more than one patient at a time and have other responsibilities, they might not be able to be there the entire time to offer the kind of familiar supportive presence you deserve.  This is the role of a doula.  Her presence can be invaluable.

Brooke will assist you in making informed decisions about your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience by providing evidence-based information and encourage you to find and use your voice during this vulnerable time. She will provide you with clear and objective information to help you make sense of any confusion you may be feeling.


coupled with her warm, grounded, and authentic nature, you will feel more confident and calm with her by your side. And when you feel calm... so will your body and baby, allowing them to be born just the way s/he was meant to.

During labor, Brooke's role is to be present with you, walking your journey of birth alongside you. Think of a doula like a birth coach! She can assist with non-clinical tips and tricks to aid labor progress, from comfort measures and maintaining a pain-coping mindset for labors without pain medication, physical and emotional support for people laboring with an epidural, emotional and informational preparation for cesarean births, and everything in between. 

No matter your choices for birth, Brooke is there without judgment to walk alongside you as you bring your baby into your arms. She will provide in-person support during your labor, birth, and the first hour or two of bonding with your little one, supporting births in hospitals, birth centers, and at home.


this is your birth, your decision.


Let's meet for 30 minutes to go over any initial questions you may have, discuss what you are looking for in your labor support, go into greater detail about our practice and approach, and explore how Brooke can best meet your needs.


support at-a-glance




Basic Perinatal Education

Help Developing Birth Map (plan)

Rehearse Labor to Prepare for Birth (yoga positioning, prayer, meditation & visualization techniques for labor)

Unlimited Email/Phone/Text Support Providing Holistic Pregnancy Counseling and Resources

Virtual Pregnancy Support Group

24/7 On-Call Starting at 38 weeks 

Walking Buddy



Continuous Support from the Start of Labor at Home, Hospital or Birth Center

Promotes the Inclusion of Partner/Supporters Within Their Comfort Level

Unbiased, Evidence-Based Information to Assist the Family in Making Tough Decisions

Aid in Communication Between Laboring Woman and Her Partner with Medical Care Providers

Timeline of Labor + Birth That Annotates Your Journey with Information and Experiences You May Not Remember Specifically

Photography During Labor and Birth Upon Your Request

Intrapartum Support Up to 2 Hours After Birth

Breastfeeding Support


Postpartum Visit at Your Request

Encourage Informed-Decision Making

Birth Story Debriefing

Ayurvedic Starter Kit to Support Lactation and Digestion

Virtual Postpartum Support Group


Access to 1000's of Evidence-Based Birth and Lactation Documents

Access to Our Extensive Lending Library

Essential Birth & Postpartum Toolkit

Digital copy of The Soul Inspired Postpartum Guidebook


We provide unlimited email support throughout your pregnancy and until 6 weeks postpartum. Besides counseling and support, we are able to help connect you with your dream team of holistic maternity care providers such as midwives, OB’s, chiropractors, acupuncturists, pelvic floor therapists, bodyworkers, and all other types of practitioners. Ask for referrals!

care plans


While our care plans are flexible to meet your needs, here are examples of plans that are designed to support the individual needs of mothers-to-be by varying the physical, informational, and emotional techniques in each:

New Beginning



For those who are ready for the complete doula support experience, we’ve included all of our services together so you can feel pampered and cared for every step of the way.  If you want to provide your family and your baby with the best doula care possible from start to finish then this package was created specifically for you! To find out more about how this plan works, please contact me!

Mama Love



For those who want an experienced and knowledgeable doula to support them during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, this package includes prenatal support that prepares you for your birth experience, reliable and trained labor support for your birth and a follow-up after the birth of your baby to make sure you are transitioning as smoothly as possible with your new baby. To find out more about how this plan works, please contact me!

Wisdom Within



For those who have given birth before. You’ll benefit most from this package if you know what to expect already, have a clear idea of your needs during labor and your main desire is for an experienced doula to offer hands-on birth support. To find out more about how this plan works, please contact me!

Late Start



Are you late in your pregnancy (36+ weeks) and realize you need a doula? Maybe you and your support team decided you aren’t comfortable doing it alone; maybe your care plan has changed (induction, planned cesarean) and you want extra support; maybe you’re in labor now and could use a doula’s TLC. I want to support you no matter how far along you are. To find out more about how this plan works, please contact me!

Virtual Doula



The Virtual Doula package is for the mom who is in need of doula services without the physical presence of the doula during labor. Maybe you’re only interested in the educational info. Maybe you want a refresher course for your support team. Maybe you live outside of my area but my style resonates with you. To find out more about how this plan works, please contact me!

In addition to the care plans listed above, customizable care plans are available on an hourly basis.


We take payments in cash, check, Square or PayPal and offer payment plans with the final payment being due by the time you are 36 weeks. An insurance receipt is given to all clients once they have paid in full.

Contact us to schedule a time to meet for a



Many pregnant people want to dig deeper into specific topics or have a list of questions they want to discuss. Consultations provide you with the opprtunity to have a one-hour meeting with Brooke to focus in on whatever is most important to you and your partner.

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