Here is a selection of my favorite books on pregnancy, birth, and beyond.  I have these in my library and include them as recommended reading for my doula clients.   



Continuous support for women during childbirth 


In 2017, Bohren et al. published an updated Cochrane review on the use of continuous support for women during childbirth. They combined the results of 26 trials that included more than 15,000 people. The birthing people in these studies were randomized to either receive continuous, one-on-one support during labor or “usual care.” The Cochrane reviewers stated that the overall quality of the evidence is low-quality, according to the GRADE systems for assessing the evidence.


Cabbage leaves to reduce pain and swelling of breasts within the first 4 days postpartum


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According to recent studies, women who ate 6 dates a day for the four weeks leading up to their due date (starting at 36 weeks) were significantly more dilated and more likely to have intact membranes upon admission to the hospital, go into labor spontaneously, avoid Pitocin, have a shorter first phase of labor, higher Bishop scores at admission to the birthplace, greater cervical dilation compared, and a more successful rates of labor induction.

The Effect of Late Pregnancy Consumption of Date Fruit on Cervical Ripening in Nulliparous (Kordi,2014)


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