After all, we’re going to spend a lot of quality time together and I believe you should have the opportunity to get a feel for who I am prior to our consultation.

My background is in Interior Architecture & Design and Integrative Health. Since a very young age, I have always led with my heart and there is nothing more fulfilling than to build a practice around supporting others in times of healing and transformation. 


As a young adult, I pursued a career in designing children's hospitals as I felt that it would allow me to bring forth my creative skills in the use of color and spacial design to influence the healing process. I got to witness how it brought forth peace, joy, and vitality to their young patients and families. For as successful and passionate as I had felt there was feeling like something was something missing in my life. I would often find myself asking, "was I fulfilling my purpose?" 

Years were spent searching outside of myself for answers, reading books, attending lectures upon lectures on the power of the mind, and researched therapeutic modalities to support the connection of the mind and body. The desire to better understand myself and my purpose evolved into helping others transform their feelings of complacency and uncertainty into ones of opportunity and growth. 

I completed my studies, became a Professional Integrative Life Coach and Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/ Teacher and set out to build a coaching and healing practice. Over the years I found myself supporting women in reconnecting to their intrinsic power. What one does not recognize is that fear is tied to limitations we've set on ourselves and by clearing out old, unmet expectations, beliefs, emotions we are able to propel forward feeling fully alive.


Let's face it, the transitions between our life chapters are challenging -- we have to reinvent ourselves, rediscover what our life is about and redefine our needs. We deserve to feel supported, with compassion and empathy. 

After experiencing the loss of my unborn child and the death of my baby sister, I remember feeling like I had descended to a bizarre landscape for which I was unprepared, fighting at times for my life and sanity. I recalled this beautiful mythical story of a Summerian Goddess by the name of Inanna. (Click here to read her story) Like Innana, I indeed felt naked and betrayed by our culture, as there is so much emphasis on our achievements, accomplishments, and self-image, BUT zero on the decent we take after birth, illness, and loss. 


The story reminded me of how women through their births in which they too arrived, in the end, naked, reduced to their essential nature to do battle with death and pain, while bringing new life into the world. Many westernized women now enter motherhood quite mature and empowered, with long resumes and successful careers behind them. Still, I haven’t met many American mothers who were not shocked by the changes children brought to their psyche. It is often a path of descent into our own early history, the wilderness of our primitive selves and, in our culture, into solitary confinement. Perhaps, it is the gateway returning us to the depths of the right brain where our own earliest overwhelming memories are stored.  ​

What a huge awakening this was, to have felt like I found the missing link in our stories. Stories such as this were passed down from generation to generation to guide young women to understand the journey that laid ahead of them. In our American culture, we no longer prepare ourselves for the heroic transition from Woman to Mother.


As a doula, I am committed to helping you embrace the transformation that awakens the Divine Self within, opening doors to inner power, strength, and wisdom.

Holly Sternberg​


January 11, 1986 - April 20, 2018

 She was my guardian angel reminding me of my lifework. 

In those final months, Holly would say she was being called to a larger mission. I believe that the call to a larger life comes in many forms. The question is will we always hear it? Will we understand its meaning for our life? If we hear and accept the call, how do we depart on the journey and navigate the challenges - the groundlessness, the unsettledness, the uncertainty, the fear? What lessons will be learned? What are the gems at the end of the journey?

Holly's death acted as a catalyst for the growth in my scope of work. I was there for her birth, the birth of her daughter, and her death. I was exactly where I was meant to be, by her side. 



 I not only held her hand but felt that I walked her home. 

At that moment I realized that I, too, was walked home. Over the last decade, I have witnessed the natural unfolding of life, experienced many setbacks (miscarriage, divorce, illness, failed career moves, death) that brought forth chaos, turmoil, and disorientation. It is in those times that I looked for a deeper understanding of life, turned to a previously known inner peace, security, ease and freedom, and healing that kept me feeling whole. I returned to day-to-day life, bringing back what I had learned from my journey so that I could soften and enrich the world around me - my family, friends, relationships, work, and community. 

I will continue down this path, supporting women through the twists and turns, knowing that she, my guardian angel will always be by my side.

Steps towards healing


It's possible to meet labor and postpartum in a way that brings solace to the soul, no matter what the outcome is for the birth.


If you're experiencing anxious feelings around pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting please reach out. I can help you and your family find a healing path through the challenges.


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