three diamonds meditation

Updated: Mar 21


The Reiki Three Diamonds is an amazing self-healing meditation that cleanses and clears the body.

It uses three basic hand positions:

  1. the Forehead – Third Eye Chakra – “Heaven”

  2. Heart – Heart Chakra – “Earth”

  3. Lower Abdomen – Hara Line (just below the belly button) – “Loving Heart”

The Reiki Three Diamonds Meditation brings these three energetic centers in your body back into balance. Accordingly, your actions (Earth) will be a combination of your higher self’s desires (Heaven) and your heart’s desires (Loving Heart). This is a great meditation to use on a daily basis and is one you can do as a self-healing technique during your 21-day Cleanse or at our Reiki Share Circles. This is one I particularly like to teach during my level one Shoden training.


Below is a bit more explanation of the Reiki Three Diamonds hand positions.

Forehead – Third Eye Chakra – Heaven

The hand on your forehead corresponds with your higher self, your third eye, and heavenly energy.

Balancing it through the meditation will help you achieve clear vision and intuition for your actions.

Heart – Heart Chakra – Loving Heart

The hand on your heart corresponds with your heart, your heart chakra, and your loving heart.

Balancing it through the meditation will balance and connect the other two diamonds with your heart’s desire and love.

Lower Abdomen – Hara Line – Earth

The hand on your Hara line corresponds with your original nature, Earth energy, and your actions.

Balancing it through the meditation will balance and connect your actions with the other two diamonds, your higher self, and your heart’s desire.


To do the Reiki Three Diamonds meditation, sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

Close your eyes.

Place one hand on your forehead (Heaven) and one hand on your abdomen (Earth).

Hold the position for approximately 5 minutes.

Next, move the hand from your forehead (Heaven) to your heart (Loving Heart).

Hold the position for approximately 5 minutes.

Then, move the hand that was on your abdomen (Earth) up to your forehead (Heaven).

With this final move, many people feel a huge surge of energy. Some say it makes them a little lightheaded.

Hold this position for at least 5 minutes.

Repeat as needed.

Source: The Reiki Sourcebook


My hope is to always leave you feeling positive, empowered, and prepared for the journey ahead.





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