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Reiki is a holistic healing modality from Japan that uses a light therapeutic touch on or just above the body and works to create balance by aligning our energy centers of the subtle body while strengthening the vital force that flows through us. When our vital force is depleted or out of balance due to stress or illness, reiki is used to raise our energetic vibration bringing harmony back into our being. As energy, the art of Reiki works on all levels including physical, mental, emotional + spiritual. It is understood that when the balance is restored, harmony and “well being” is experienced.

Reiki nourishes, supports, and strengthens the bond in between

The gentle nature of this therapy is especially beneficial for expectant and new mothers because it helps prepare women for the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes necessary for a “centered” pregnancy, labor, and post-partum recovery experience. Reiki treatment, along with other supportive practices such as chiropractic, prenatal massage, and prenatal yoga, can have great benefits for a mother-to-be and her developing baby. If you are a midwife, birth doula, and other perinatal practitioners this is a great technique to learn, check out my upcoming classes


Let's meet for 30 minutes to go over any initial questions you may have, discuss what you are looking for in your labor support, go into greater detail about our practice and approach, and explore how Brooke can best meet your needs.






Regulate Menstrual Periods

Stress Relief and Emotional and Mental Balance

Support the Growth of Follicles and Recruitment of Healthy Eggs During a Woman's Cycle

 Assists the Embryo to Implant in the Uterine Lining


Enhances a Loving and Harmonious Relationship Between Parent and Baby

Assists in Reducing Anxiety and Sleep Problems

Restores Balance and Health to the Mama and Baby

It Can Ease Exhaustion

Helps with Nausea

Offers Relief as a Woman’s Body Changes to Accommodate Her Unborn Child

Brings a Calming Effect to Both the Mama and Baby



Hands-On and Distant Healing

Keeps Mama Grounded and Calm

Reduces Any Discomforts

Assists in Mother’s Connection to Baby


Accelerates the Natural Process of Healing

Relieves Discomfort

Offer Peace and Calm from Birth Trauma

Clears Energetic Blocks and Re-aligns Chakras

Releases Trapped Emotions

Promotes Rest and Relaxation

Eases Sleep Challenges

Calms a Baby with Colic

Spouses, partners, doulas and other childbirth professionals trained in Reiki practice can be a valuable source of support for laboring women: The birth partner has the very specific role during labor, delivery, and post-birth of giving the mother and the baby Reiki, creating that Reiki space of peaceful, deep relaxation that assists the mother in flowing with her body and the baby throughout labor.

“Reiki and Sacred Childbirth”,

Summer 2010 issue of Reiki News Magazine

guided offerings 


With my commitment to meet each and every client where they are at, I have provided a few options to meet your needs. 

Reiki for Fertility & Conception


Individual $90 

5-pack $405

10-pack $765

In many cases, a woman can get pregnant within months of beginning the healing through Reiki, but they often choose to continue the healing treatments throughout the pregnancy.

Preparing for Childbirth


Individual $75 

5-pack $355

10-pack $720

In these 45-minute sessions, we will use Reiki as a means help you create calm and flow of energy throughout your body to facilitate you manifesting the birth you desire. You will learn natural breathing rhythms, visualizations, and affirmations to access ancient natural birthing wisdom in your body.

Reiki for Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth



Reiki & Pregnancy Loss is intended for men, women and/or couples who are working through healing after the loss of a pregnancy, and is open to those healing after any type of loss. All are welcome, regardless of gestation at the time of loss, whether the loss is active, recent or months or years in the past.

Reiki for Birth Professionals



A 2-day training, to enhance your wellbeing and share the art of hands-on healing with others by learning the Usui tradition of Reiki. Birth professionals who’ve taken this class are having amazing results with their clients, turning breech babies, flipping posterior babies, and facilitating super smooth labors. It’s an incredible tool to add to your doula bag.

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When you have decided to start your Reiki journey it is important that you choose a Reiki Master that is right for you. 

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