Scope Of Work


A positive memorable birth is worth the investment.

Up to Week 37

Evidence-based information on the physiology of birth and how to properly care for your newborn (including tips on all types of feeding).


Emotional support for possible fears or anxieties you may be struggling with (option of including mentorship to work on quieting the mind to prepare for birth).


Physical support for possible discomforts you might be feeling (option of including a short Reiki session to work on breathing and opening the body to prepare for birth).


Weeks 38 - 40

Evidence-based information on the benefits, risks, and alternatives to medical interventions suggested by your care provider. Let's face it, even with childbirth education, medical jargon can be absolutely confusing (especially if you're not a medical professional!)


Emotional support because we recognize that even the best partners need a back up when they are tired! I am there as your cheerleader and your rock. Feeling discouraged? I will pump you up! Feel anxious? I will work you through breathing exercises and visualizations to help your mind and body relax. Your partner doesn’t know how best to support you? Don’t worry, I’m there to support them too!


Physical support because the birthing process is physically exhausting. Having me by your side is like having your own personal masseuse. I’ll touch and massage you when you feel the need, and/or educate your partner how to do it. I will suggest and help you into different positions to ease the pain of contractions.


Up to the first 6 weeks


Evidence-based Information (and references to specialists if necessary) for when you are flooded with all kinds of questions surrounding the first few weeks of your new life. Newborns have it pretty easy... they eat, sleep, and poop. This sums up your newborn's life and will also be the source of your questions and concerns. I will be there to help, and to provide references to specialists if necessary.


Emotional support during the postpartum period can be a very tumultuous time, which, in between the bursts of love, can trigger some dark feelings. With a little encouragement from your friend and doula, you will learn to develop confidence in your new role as a mother.


Physical support for the aches and the stretching of your pelvic floor. I can suggest stretches and gentle exercises to help, which is very important to the recovery period.


We're curating all of the local resources to help you in your first year as a new parent.  Take a peek, and build your community, too! 

SERVING PALM BEACH AND BROWARD COUNTIES IN SOUTH FLORIDA as far north as Jupiter, far south as Hollywood, far west as Weston and Wellington and all that resides in between.

ATTENDING FOLLOWING HOSPITALS: Palm Beach County - Bethesda Hospital East, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Good Samaritan Medical Hospital, JFK Medical Center, Jupiter Medical Center, Palms West Hospital, St. Mary's Medical Center, Wellington Regional Medical, West Boca Medical Center. Broward County - Broward Health Coral Springs, Slah Foundation Children's Hospital at Broward Health Medical Center, Holy Cross Hospital, Memorial Hospital Miramar, Memorial Hospital West, Memorial Regional Hospital, Northwest Medical Center, Plantation General Hospital.

All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.

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